Dividing the genres and genres of photography is a difficult task, which is why every photographer can own a genre of photography. In this post, we will try to cover all the known photography types.

Conceptual Photography

Conceptual photography emerged from the concept art movement in the late 1980s.

Conceptual photography tries to visualize what is in the photographer’s mind and make the viewer’s mind think like surreal images (surrealism style or ultra-realism).

Conceptual photography is a more advanced form of expressing artistic emotion that incorporates photography into the arts such as painting, poetry, music, and so on. Photos of all styles of photography can fall into this category as long as they give the viewer a specific concept.


Children/Families Photography

Child / Family Photography is another type of photography that is very popular in which the photographer tries to portray the different situations and situations of the child and his or her family. Family members come together to record a beautiful moment.

Cubism Photography

Its literal meaning is cubism, and Picasso is one of the leading painters in this genre. In this style there is a kind of thoughtful and different look at the universe. In this style of photography, it usually seems at first glance complicated and complicated, with a greater focus on the purpose of the photographer.

Macro Photography

In this style (Macro Photography) or close-up photography of the photographer focuses on things like insects, flowers, water drops and more. They are close enough to depict all the components that may not be seen with the naked eye. For this style of photography, there are certain lenses that allow the photographer to zoom in on the subject, as well as using a special flash in this style.

Abstract Photography

Abstract or abstract photography is opposed to realism or realism. Abstraction, unlike rial, does not exist purely in the real world. Likewise, the subject is not something that is completely intact in nature, but in abstract photography, photography is either completely unrealistic or imagined, or the subject is in reality, but the photographer removes extras or changes the frame, and Highlighting the more important aspects of a subject gives a different picture of reality and allows the viewer to see the subject from the perspective he or she sees. An important factor in abstracting a photo is the use of angles that the viewer gives it. Unusual and unusual.

Architectural Photography

As its name implies, photography encompasses various buildings, buildings and structures, and urban architecture is the most important element in capturing the imagination of the photographer. In this style, the photographer should try to control the perspective and Also, because of the large size of the architectural work, it is also important to place the lens in the frame so that the photographer does not have to stray too far from the subject.

Industrial Photography

In this style of photography, the photographer captures an image of the achievements, services and products of a person or organization without exaggerating or altering the subject matter.

Advertising Photography

Many confuse this style with the style of industrial photography. Whereas advertising photography, unlike industrial photography, exaggerates the image of a great product and tries to show it in the best possible way. Advertising photography is widely used in marketing. And in this type of photography, it is beyond awareness to try to get the customer’s attention. Photographers of this mentality are full of different ideas.

Fine art Photography

In the style of Fine Art or Henry photography, it is meant to produce purely aesthetic photographs, and since beauty is not an absolute concept and has its own definition, art photography is very personal and subjective. Sullivan is considered one of the foremost art photographers. The images in this style represent a work of art. Creative images that have an abstract appeal. These photos can be described as the expression of the feelings and thoughts of an artist on a painting canvas. This style of photography is not solely for commercial purposes but can be used in many creative ways. The fine arts photographer must understand and look beyond the obvious.

Still Life Photography

Still Life Photography is photography of inanimate or immobile objects. In this style of photography, accurate light measurement and creative composition are required. Photography in this style, apart from photography, is somehow involved in arranging the scene and determining the components of the scene.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography means photographing human faces. Lighting and framing are key factors in portrait photography. In this style of photography the emphasis is on the states and the human face. Famous portraits for portrait photography: Rembrandt, Butterfly, Half Shade, etc. can all be described as special lighting styles. Different types of photography can be: full-length, personal, family, political and artistic portraits and … He knew.

Fashion Photography

This style can be seen as another type of advertising photography that incorporates aesthetics and is the foundation of clothing, apparel, accessories and visual beauties of man. Fashion photography is an expensive style because it requires professional equipment and models, and of course, the most profitable of its kind. In this style of photography, lenses are often used (narrow-angle lenses for long distances). Sometimes photography seeks to showcase the political, social and social space in addition to emphasizing the elements of beauty.

Nature Photography

The creative work of these photographers can be found in prestigious magazines such as National Geographic. Subcategories of this style can include: landscape photography, underwater, wildlife, seas and clouds. Exposure to different ocean modes during the day and even different seasons can play a major role in creating a successful and engaging visual image. Water is challenging and the photographer needs to be proficient in swimming and diving to capture a good photo. Black and white photography is good for cloud photography and will lead to creative photography.


Landscape Photography

Landscapes are intended to capture landscapes and landscapes that are usually shot with wide-angle (wide-angle) lenses. This style can be natural or urban landscapes such as night city out-of-town or any other eye-catching. Urban landscape photography includes photos taken in the same style as nature photography. And the type of photographer’s look at urban elements (buildings and streets) is like that of nature photography (mountains, trees, etc.).

Wildlife Photography

As its name implies, photography of pristine and wildlife and living things is called wildlife photography, without the presence of humans and elements of human life.

Photojournalism Photography

News photography or photojournalism are images that are primarily intended to be news and in fact a narrative of a particular event that completes a report. These images are likely to be published in a single or a single set. The news must have been an honest witness to the event and is not permitted to be manipulated.

Documentary Photography

Documentary photography is one of the most basic types of photography that a photographer must present in a way that best illustrates the incident in question and in a very realistic manner. Press photographers usually present their images to interested publications. Press photographers around the world have recently started displaying their images at exhibitions.

Street Photography

The most difficult definition of style may be street photography! This style cannot be distinguished from other styles. But overall, this style of photography is a photograph of society’s day-to-day life and the big events that have captured the photographer’s attention. The ironic is conveyed a political or social message, in which case approach documentary photography.

Sports Photography

Sports photography is a sub-category of news photography where sports photography is done. In this style, the equipment plays a role because the subject is moving and the photographer is away from the scene so strong lenses such as telephoto and zoom are essential for the photographer. The camera must also be capable of continuous burst mode – Burst Mode – to capture all the events of a photographer during an event and not to miss a moment. An important factor a photographer should consider is the shutter speed of the subject.


In this style, the night sky can be photographed with a camera or telescope to record celestial objects, constellations, clusters and masses, and so on, or zoomed in on the photo. This style can be considered both scientific and artistic. To shoot these photos, go out of the big cities at night, away from light pollution, and spend many hours shooting photos. Star tracking can be seen in the astronomical subdivision, which generally consists of combining large numbers of images at short intervals.

War Photography

War photography changed people’s minds about the phenomenon of war. With the help of war photography, people realize the depth of a war catastrophe that cannot be conveyed through writing.

The subjects of war photography are not just within the confines of a war front. Photographs of the ruins of war and human injuries are also on record.

The main purpose of war photography is to capture the image of the human face that is involved in any conflict, whether it be a tired soldier or a sad child.

War photography has a huge impact on public opinion and can put people at odds with country politics and even force statesmen to stop the war. These reasons made war photography one of the types of photography.

Black and White Photography

The only photographers selected at the time of the birth of photography were black and white photography. Color films were later produced for a while, and still used as black and white films because they were relatively inexpensive and of high quality.

Black-and-white film production has improved with the enhancement of color film quality, but today black and white photos have become the focus again as photographers have realized the power of black and white photos.

In fact, sometimes the photographer tends to emphasize the violent shadows and spectra of a subject.

This style of photography has the unique ability to create romantic and mysterious spaces.

Light and shadow play an important role in this style, and if the photographer fails to capture the proper light in the image, the value of his work will be greatly diminished.

Black and white photography evokes a kind of nostalgic sense that makes this style popular among people.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a special discipline in the art that is dedicated to recording the most memorable wedding moments in a variety of creative ways. A photographer can take a different approach to each bride or groom in this category. While some prefer to use traditional figurines, some base their photograph solely on the moment and its immediate events.

Photographers can also take very stylish (fashion-like) images with specific themes if the customer agrees. There are many things like glamorous weddings where photos are taken exclusively in the studios. Today, many people looking for new ideas have opened the way for professional photographers in the field to be more creative.

Travel Photography

Travel photography involves capturing images of particular landscapes or people from different countries. The photographer captures the customs of various places.

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